Our mermaid parties are suitable for all good swimmers aged 7 and over. If your budding mermaid fit’s this criteria then read on. If not, please see our “Mermaid Rain Birthday Party” tab above.


Price, for parties hosted in Hastings.

Standard Party - up to 8 children: £250
Please book via the contact tab.

Possibility to add 4 more mermaids for £15, each.


Mini Party - up to 4 children: £150
Please book via the contact tab.

Possibility to add 1/2 more mermaids for £25, each.


Birthday Treat - a private 1:1 lesson: £100
Please book via the contact tab.

Possibility to add 1 more mermaids for £15.

The pool hire & tail hire fee is included in the price  - Duration is one hour - Fixed price is for use of our Bexhill pool, ONLY - Out of town parties will vary.


Safety First!

All budding mermaids MUST be aged 7 and over. All budding mermaids MUST be able to do the following without a tail:

Be a competent and confident swimmer. Be able to swim 25 meters in a controlled and relaxed manor. Be able to submerge their face and body, in the water. Be able to tread water in both the shallow and deep end. Be able to float on their back and front for 3- 5 seconds. Be able to demonstrate a basic dolphin kick for 5 meters.

Do you live in East Sussex?

If so, your private mermaid experience class will be held at one of our many private pool in Hastings. Other pools are available on request for those's living outside of Hastings who prefer not to travel.



Party Extras

Personalised Mermaid Invitations

All parties start with an invitation, so why not start yours off earlier? Give your friends a glimpse as to what to expect with a personalised mermaid invitation. This means the birthday boy/girl takes part in an underwater themed photo shoot and are photographed in full mermaid attire. Now that will create a buzz on the school playground!  Picture (right) features Mermaid Lara. This invitation was for her 12th Birthday party. All party information was printed clearly on the back with the title 'You're Invited to Become a Real Life Mermaid'.