Mermaid Rain is a saltwater mermaid from the English Channel. She loves to collect treasures from the bottom of the ocean, and is always making things from the stuff she finds! While she spends most of her time in the ocean, she likes to travel upstream to explore rivers and lakes as well. Being a saltwater mermaid, she can’t breathe the freshwater that rivers and lakes are made of, but she can hold her breath for a really long time – one of the perks of being a mermaid!

Since it’s so cold in the winter, Rain prefers to come ashore to visit her land friends! When she’s not splashing around in their swimming pools (and sometimes even their baths!), she dries herself off and grows a very handy pair of legs. If she touches water her tail reappears, but Mermaid Rain has a magical necklace that means she doesn’t have to be wet to keep her tail. The necklace carries a part of the ocean inside it, so she can lie in the sun all day long and show off her tail to her human friends!



Q: The Price?

A: £150, for one hour. This fee does not cover pool hire. Depending on where the pool party is, you’ll also have to cover the mermaids travel expenses. For a further insight and free quote please email Sarah on and mentioned “Mermaid Rain Party” in the subject box.

Q: Where Can These Parties Happen? A: We have strong pool connections in Hastings, Camber sands, Bexhill, Eastbourne, Worthing, Tonbridge , Lewes, Maidstone and Barnet - London. Other pools also available on request.

Q: What Age Range Is This Suitable For? A: This experience is suitable for all ages. We’ll work closely with you, to ensure that all the party guests are safely monitored in and around the swimming pool. Will also ask for some parents to enter the water with us, and for armbands to be worn on those who are not strong swimmers.

Q: Is Mermaid Rain Qualified To Do This? A: Although Mermaid Rain was born a true mermaid, she still had to work hard and achieve the following: a "BA Honours in Acting and Performance, over 9 years of experience working on stage and in film. She’s a fully qualified AIDA 2 star Free diver - which means she can hold her breath for a really long time! She’s also DBS checked, and holds a safeguarding certificate.

Q: What Does A Mermaid Rain Party Entail? A: This will vary, depending on a number of different factors. Such as the group size, the pool layout, etc. But, here’s a basic idea of what we can do. When instructed, the children enter the swimming pool, to meet Mermaid Rain for the first time. At first, she might seem a little shy, circling around the swimming pool, underwater. She’ll soon surface, and gift some of the children with shells. This means she feels safe and wants to play! Mermaid Rain will quickly turn cheerful as she softly splashes her tail, watch out, you might get a little wet here! Then, when Mermaid Rain feels really comfortable she’ll swim out from the water and onto land where the children can fully see, and touch her tail, although don’t touch for too long as she’s very ticklish! Mermaid Rain will introduce herself and answers any questions. With help from some the parents the children can now enter the water. Mermaid Rain will swim with the children and play a number of different games with them. She’ll let the children ride on her shoulders, she’ll show off some of her best mermaid tricks and twirls, and most importantly she’ll get the children to help her find the treasure chest key, that unlocks all the treasures, (goodie bags).

Q: How Long Does A Mermaid Rain Party Last? A: Party duration is 1 hour.

Q: What Extra’s Are Included? A: Mermaid Rain’s helper will take care of Photography, making sure to capture those magic moments. A goodie bag is also included, free of charge. This goodie bag consist of a silver mermaid necklace, for each child.

Q: Will Mermaid Rain Have A Helper With Her? A: Yes, even Mermaids need a little helping hand. Her helper is also in-charged of meeting the party at the reception, and will conduct clear instructions to ensure that the party runs smoothly. The helper will also take photographs.

Q: Health And Safety? A: When you book your pool party you will be given a copy of our complete Health and Safety Policy, which will explain what we require from you to ensure that your guests have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Q: How Do I Book? A: Email Sarah on with “Mermaid Rain Party” in the subject box.